Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting rid of dry skin on the feet: Foot dryness

Combating dry skin on the feet is not easy unless you plan to change your entire skin regime.  It takes a lot of hard work in the beginning but if you want to have softer skin it is the only way.   Selecting a good foot cream is good for starts, this should be done by looking in the anti aging section.  Yes, the skin on your feet can behave very much like aging skin the only difference is that it will callus. The skin on your feet have three things going against it: 1.being in shoes all day, 2 no oil glands and 3. baring the weight of our bodies.  If we were able to kick our feet up and not have to walk on them everyone would have beautiful feet, but we do use our feet.  Finding a good foot cream is not easy still because you must find something that has just the right product activity to get the results that you want.  Product activity is what the ingredients do in the way of eliminating dry skin and maintaining moisture.  Moisture that is created by either avoiding harsh detergents and excessive exposure to water or using a product that keeps the skin protected from moisture loss.  My clients with skin that has a small amount to sweat being produced have the softest skin on their feet, it feels something like the skin of a child. 

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