Monday, January 11, 2010

Mini Spa Parties

A mini spa party is designed to offer nail services to a small or large group exclusively.  It's your choice of location, decoration, and people. We supply the great nail services.  A day of pampering with friends is a nice way to relax.  The party includes soothing spa treatments for the hands, feet and nails.  Total treatment time is 25 minutes per client.  Add-on services are available. To plan a spa party for your special event  please call 901-336-8431 to make an appointment.  ( Parties are planned at least 2 weeks in advance). 

Price starting at 75.00  1st hr

Manicure              20                          30min                          
Pedicure               45                          45min
Reflexology           25 /hands               25min
                             45 / feet                 40min
 Reflexology is an effective treatment for innumerable stresses on the body.  It's an ancient method massage that targets the pressure points or zones [zone therapy] located in the hands and feet shown to stimulate physical, mental and emotional healing. 

Please call 901-336-8431 for more information. 

All services are performed by a licensed manicurist. Equipment and nail tools are sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant. Please alert manicurist of any known medical conditions or product ingredient allergies that may prohibit service.  
Additional fees may apply if services are extended.