Tuesday, November 10, 2009

                         Featured Service

Spa Detox Pedicure

The detox pedicure is an excellent choice for new clients.  When we detoxify, we rid ourselves of all the foreign toxins in the body in order to start over refreshed.  The detox pedicure is virtually the same only it addresses the skin on the feet. During daily grooming we use water. It contains elements that can damage the skin, as it does with other objects that it comes into contact with on a regular basis. To reduce the damage to your skin it can be treated periodically to avoid build-up.  The use of commercial soaps,cleansers and moisturizers, over time form a very thin coating, I like to call, "plaque," because it prevents the natural beauty of skin from shining through.  Removing this coating restores your skin to a healthy state.

 Price                                                            55.00

Service Time                                                           1hr 15min

Mobile Nail Spa    901-336-8431  mobilenailspa@aol.com

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

   Just Relax~Menu

Manicure & Pedicure

Hand and Nail Services                         Pedicure Services
Spa Manicure 32.00                           Spa Pedicure 55.00
    Manicure 20.00                                    Pedicure 45.00
Mini Manicure 15.00                                    Mini Pedicure 30.00
   French Manicure 25.00                                French Pedicure 50.00
 Tips & Overlays
             Acrylic Nails                              Specialty Services 
Full Set w/tips 45.00                                     Nail Rejuvenation 32.00
Pink &White 65.00                                    Leg Exfoliation 27.00
Clear nails 50.00                                                       Foot Therapy
Natural Nail Overlay 35.00                                      Reflexology Hands

                                                                                  25.00 Feet 45.00

Gel Nails                                                        Silk Wraps

Full Set 55.00                                                                Full Set 50.00
Pink & White 65.00                                                  2nd week fill 25.00
Refill 30.00                                                                 4th week fill 35.00
Repair 5.00                                                                 Repair 5.00

Luxury Services

Cashmere Pedicure

A relaxing get-away from ordinary pedicures.  Starts with a silky soak in soothing chocolate and herbal tea, a mixture of skin conditioners and softeners added to enhance skin’s texture. Fluffy towels and choice of fragrant herb with aroma therapy. Complete with rose.


Good to the last Pinky Pedicure

A series of fortunate events. Confectioner’s brew of sugar, lemon and mint tea. This pedicure addresses dry skin in a soft and soothing way.  Gentle softeners are applied while toe nails are shaped and groomed the mixture is removed and a scrub is used to remove surface dry skin. Feet are given a relaxing massage and nail enamel is applied.


Viva La Vida

A Ballot of service intensity. Starts with hot towels and chemical peel hands and feet are treated to luxury and immaculate grooming, meticulous detailing around cuticles, extended massage with relaxing botanical creams and lotions. Hot towels and upgraded polish choices.


Alla Prima

Artwork and pampering. Hand painted original artwork for special occasions or just fun designs, designed with jewelry in mind or a French manicure with a twist.

20 & up

Hand Facial/ Full Set Pink; Whites

Show your diamonds with polished skin. Hand

facials give the hands the same treatment as skin
on the face with gentle cleansers, relaxing masque and a toning

& invigorating massage. Leaves hands soft and luxurious. Full set of
Pink& White sculptured nails follow.


All services are performed by licensed manicurist. Equipment and nail tools are sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant. Please alert manicurist of medical condition that may by prohibited of treatment by doctor. Alert manicurist to any know allergies that may be present in product both natural and chemical products.

Additional fees may apply if services are extended.

Gift Certificates Available

Mobile Nail Spa  901-336-8431  mobilenailspa@aol.com

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Cost     $ 65   for Hands and Feet

Reflexology is the practice of using the hands and feet as mediums to focus on different areas of your body.
There are different regions or points in the feet and hands that corelate to other parts of the body.  It is an unassuming massage because you don't have to get undressed to receive it and it totally relaxes you the way
a full body massage does.  Reflexology is used to treat different medical conditions and relieve stress as well.

Is this for you?  Anyone can receive a massage if they are in generally good condition.  If you have questions you can ask me or call a your physician to see if it would be safe for you.