Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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Spa Detox Pedicure

The detox pedicure is an excellent choice for new clients.  When we detoxify, we rid ourselves of all the foreign toxins in the body in order to start over refreshed.  The detox pedicure is virtually the same only it addresses the skin on the feet. During daily grooming we use water. It contains elements that can damage the skin, as it does with other objects that it comes into contact with on a regular basis. To reduce the damage to your skin it can be treated periodically to avoid build-up.  The use of commercial soaps,cleansers and moisturizers, over time form a very thin coating, I like to call, "plaque," because it prevents the natural beauty of skin from shining through.  Removing this coating restores your skin to a healthy state.

 Price                                                            55.00

Service Time                                                           1hr 15min

Mobile Nail Spa    901-336-8431  mobilenailspa@aol.com

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